Wednesday, February 18, 2015

3d Patchwork and Pleating Paper

Today I am sharing two more techniques I use in my scrapbook pages.  They are also from the talented Anna Griffin.  I was them the first time on the DIY Scrapbooking show.

scrapbook paper folding technique

You can change the feel of this design just by the paper you choose to use.  It can be fun or formal, what ever the picture calls for.

scrapbook folding technique

The paper pleating technique also makes for a pretty frame.  It takes time to do these layouts but the results are worth it.

scrapbook paper folding technique

As I look at my old scrapbook pages it comes as no surprise to me that I evolved into doing the 3d paper crafting I so love today!  I still scrapbook, but making my 3d crafts is my favorite.  Here are the links to the directions for the 3d paper quilt and the paper pleating.

Do what inspires you,
Cyndy G.

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