Friday, April 24, 2015

Raggedy Andy ~ with Cyndy

For my project today I decided to make the Raggedy Andy Canister from the JGW Spring Canisters set.  I just love this guy.  I just love the whimsy of Raggedy Ann and Andy!

Raggedy Ann doll with Raggedy Andy paper canister

He makes a pretty sizable box.  He stands over eight inches tall.

Andy canister pictured open with his hat off

He has the cutest face.

close up of Raggedy Andy's face

I love his pinned heart.

close up of Raggedy Andy's face and pinned on heart

Jodi stayed so true to the character of Andy, he was a joy to make.  I bet you know someone who would love receiving him!  I know I will be making several of these for my family :)

Do what inspires you,
Cyndy G


  1. You have no idea how excited I am about this post! LOVE it! Your pictures are staged perfectly too :) My sister's name is Ann and her husband's name is Andy...of course we ran with that theme and when we planned their bridal shower, we did Raggedy Ann and Andy.

    1. Beth, thank you so much. I bet that was a lot of fun to do a shower with that theme, I know I would go crazy with it :)