Saturday, May 17, 2014

My First Camera Lights - June 2012

I finally took the plunge and bought some starter strobe lights.  There was definitely a learning curve.  I had no idea how to use them and if you have ever used lights you know there are things you should know.  For instance: I didn't know about the shutter/flash speed.  I had searched and searched on line looking for answers.  What I found was a lot of people that want to tell you that you should know how to use them before you buy them.  What's wrong with people these days?

So if you find yourself using lights and you have a black bar on the image your shutter speed is too fast.  On my camera I can't set it faster than 1/250.  Once I found that piece of information, I could start experimenting.

I shoot my niece's for my first photo shoot.  I should mention here that I prefer shooting landscapes.  I'm not so good at still life or portraits but I want to volunteer for NILMDTS and to do that I have to learn how to do portraits.  Here are the results of my first photo shoot with my lights.

Not bad.  I think with some practice I might actually get the hang of this.

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