Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SVGcuts Halloween Challenge

As the holidays drew close SVGcuts did another contest.  This time we had to create a Halloween scene using any Halloween file from SVGcuts.  This was right up my alley.  I had been wanting to create a village scene of the Nightmare Before Christmas, so I knew right away what I wanted to do.

During this time My mom and sister Teresa had gone to the Susan G. Komen race.  The race that my mom fell at and broke her arm.  She had her hands full carrying in everything she needed to do her job at the race.  She tripped on a section of the sidewalk that was uneven (it was still dark - she had to be set up by 6am) and she didn't notice the sidewalk.  With her arms full she couldn't do anything to slow down her fall and she fell with all her weight on her arm hitting the curb.  She said she heard it break!  I could only imagine.  I had been working that morning so, I didn't find out until late that afternoon what had happened.

Well during all this I found out the the contest was ending a week sooner than I thought it was.  I had laid out the project on the computer but I had not put anything together.  I was very proud of what I had and I worked tirelessly to get it done.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday I worked until 3am and got up at 7am to start working.  Sunday night at 11pm eastern time (contest was on central time so I had two hours) I took pictures and raced to get them uploaded.  I was very nervous because our computer has never been right since our house was struck by lightning.  The insurance company refused to replace the computer because it "worked", even though it barely worked, but that is a story for another day.  Like it often does it would not finish loading my photos.  I sat at the computer for over 20 minutes watching it try to upload my photo and at mid-night (central time) the contest closed and my photo never made it.  I was crushed.  I posted my photo to their facebook page and Thienly (one of their design team members at the time) talked with Leo and Mary and they opened the page for me to load my photo.  That really meant a lot to me.  I had worked so hard.  I felt God was giving me a little boost for helping my mom.  I really wanted to earn the $6.99 gift card they give to everyone who enters their contests.   A great big THANK YOU to Leo and Mary for allowing me to enter the next day.  Here is picture of the village I created.

Nightmare before Christmas scene made out of paper

Now here are some side-by-sides of my inspiration:

NBC town hallNBC town hall

Jack SkellingtonJack Skellington with coffin sleigh - NBC
Hanging tree
NBC - Hanging tree and graveyard

NBC Jack Skellington's house
Jack Skellington's house
I love the way this turned out.  I still want to make some more of the houses from the movie but I don't know when I will be able too.  Maybe there will be a contest that allows me to use the files I need to make the rest of them.  Contests seem to be the only time I get to make things for myself.

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