Thursday, September 4, 2014

Waterfall Pictures

One of mine and my mom's favorite things to do is drive up to the mountains and take pictures of the waterfalls.  I have only been in the fall.  With three small children (not safe for them around the falls) it is hard for me to find time to get away.

The first year I went with my mom I did all my research on the internet and I found one fall that everyone said was beautiful and a must see.  It was in someone's backyard and it said that they didn't mind people coming by to see it.  I followed the directions but they weren't quit right.  Then my mom saw a pond that she wanted to get some pictures of so we stopped.

While we were there we noticed several cars had pulled in and driven farther back onto the property.  Wouldn't you know it - we had stopped in the front yard of the house with the waterfall.  We noticed an elderly couple sitting on there porch enjoying the wonderful weather.
Could you imagine how nice it would be to take your morning coffee and sit by a waterfall!  It was so peaceful out here.  I would have to put this one on my list of favorites.

Next, we traveled on up to White Waterfall.  It is the tallest waterfall in NC.  I was surprised at how far away the lookout was.  I will have to do more research on this one to find out where the "spot" is for getting better pictures.

 It was a very nice day.  We found a little treasure and got a few good pictures of the falls.

The next year we went to Pearson Falls.  The drive is not as far and the falls are just as beautiful.  Pearson Falls is in Polk County, home to my favorite County Extension Director, John Vining.  I miss seeing him at CED meetings.  We changed districts several years ago and he has only been in Gaston a handful of times since then.  Here's a shout out to you John.  Hope you and your family are doing well!

 We were not able to take pictures this past fall (2013).  My mom volunteers for the Susan G. Komen race, she collects the donations at the start of the race because she is not able to do the run.  She fell walking to the check in area and broke her arm.  Just a few inches below her shoulder.  Needless to say, she was in A LOT of pain for a long time.  In fact, it is now May, seven months after her fall and she still has pain and doesn't have full mobility in her arm.  Susan G. Komen did nothing to help her out.  She contacted them and told them what happened and that her therapy would not be covered by Medicare, they said their insurance company would contact her and she has never heard back from them.  I can't believe that a foundation that makes millions of dollars for the health and care of women who have breast cancer, care so little for their volunteers.  Especially one that is a two time breast cancer survivor.  Nuff said.

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