Monday, September 22, 2014

SVG Cuts - Autumn Challenge

Happy Autumn!  I love autumn.  The warm colors are very soothing, the cooler air is a nice break from the long hot days of summer.  Here in North Carolina fall starts slowly.  It cools off a little at night and the mornings are a little crisp.  Winter comes slowly.

Well with the start of fall SVG Cuts started a new challenge.  The grand prize is your choice of a Silhouette Cameo or photography by Leo Kowal.  It is a beautiful three piece fall themed canvas print and I know just where I would hang them!  Fingers crossed.

My entry was inspired by the children's book, One Enchanted Evening.  The book is illustrated in beautiful warm earth tones and makes me think of fall.  Everything used is from a kit or collection by SVG Cuts.  If anyone has any questions about how I put any of the pieces together I would be happy to share.

One enchanted evening scene

Here is a list of the files I used:


Body (size pieces for Groom 3% bigger)
Christmas Open House
Snowman Body and Panels and Hat

Silent Night  - Christmas Light Bulb and panels  - bottom pieces
Leaves Are Falling  -  Scarecrow  -  Head  -  Scale to 32% (3.264 wide)

Kate's Holiday Silhouettes -
Couple Under Mistletoe - figure - Groom's arms
Child Baking - figure - Bride's arms
Crisp Days of Fall
Scrapbook Page - Silhouette -trim upper leg to use for bride and groom
My Big Day

Bow Tie
Alice's Cuddly Friends
Mad Hatter - Bow Tie

Top  -  Popular Street Tulips – Egg Bottom
                          French Quarter Ironworks
Carousel Ride - Top (only six pieces)
B is for Birthday – Candle
Winter Gazebo - Bottom

3D Mums and Fall Flowers
Fall Frames and Elements
Caramel Apple Pie

Basket of Flowers
Harvest Hill Farm
Crisp Days of Fall


  1. Your project is adorable!! I love how you made the top to the gazebo, very creative! Hope you win!

  2. Whoa! Looking at the list of EVERYTHING you used to create have such talent Cyndy! The vision that you had to have to use all of those elements and put them all together to achieve this masterpiece is amazing! Very original!

    1. Beth, thank you. You do beautiful work, that means a lot to me.

  3. Cyndy, this project took a lot of time and thinking on your part. Best wishes to you! I didn't enter this year, not enough time!


    1. I'm sorry I missed your comment. Thank you for taking the time to look at my project Carmen. :)