Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Monster Fingers ~ with Cyndy G

I have been busy making sure I am ready for the Holidays this year.  Every year I plan to make things and always run out of time.  So this year I am trying to get ahead of the game.  I made some Halloween treat boxes by Jamie Cripps.  I picked them up in the Silhouette Store.

Halloween Treat boxes - Mummy fingers, Werewolf fingers, Witch fingers and skeleton fingers

These were very easy to put together and they are so cute.  Each finger is a box.

Witch finger treat box

The boxes are pretty small.  You could fit tootsie rolls, smarties or any other small rolled candy in them. 

Werewolf finger treat box

The werewolf and mummy fingers are my favorite.

Mummy finger treat box

They would be good for a party since they go together so quickly.  You could make a lot in a short amount of time.  Plus I was able to fit four sets of fingers per color on one 12x12 sheet of paper.

Skeleton finger treat box

Thank you for stopping by.

Do what inspires you,
Cyndy G.

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